Say Hello to the Vü at Scientific Laboratory Supplies

Scientific Laboratory Supplies SLS are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement with Pop-Bio Imaging, based in Cambridge, to be the exclusive UK distributor for the exciting new Vü imaging system for gels and blots.

Vü is no ordinary gel documentation system however. The Pop-Bio Imaging system uses no cameras, no lenses, filters, or lasers but instead utilises a new technology to accurately map images at ultra-high sensitivity and resolution. The result is a small desk top instrument with a very small footprint that can handle the full range of gel and blot applications – UV, blue light, visible and chemiluminescence. The Advanced Progressive Imaging technology (patent pending), which was developed in Cambridge, is a clever use of imaging sensors that accurately map low levels of light from any gel or blot. 

Aside from the new technology being used in the instrument the cost is also considerably lower than that of a traditional gel documentation system which uses high cost CCD cameras, lenses and filters. The new Pop-Bio Imaging system aims to become the new standard for gel and blot image capture and replace existing traditional gel documentation systems over the next few years. This device is destined to change the way images of gels and blots are captured.

Pop-Bio Imaging are very happy to be associated with SLS whohave grown to become the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. Their unique approach to sourcing and supplying the highest quality, best value products and brands in the market make them the obvious choice to work with the Vü systems.

Paul Hutchinson, General Manager Specialist Sales (SLS) commented “We are delighted to have the unique Pop-Bio gel doc imaging system within our, already, comprehensive life science portfolio.  Given the new technology and favourable price point I am sure this will be the ‘go to’ system in the, not too distant, future”.

Says Paul Ellwood, Managing Director of Pop-Bio, “I am very pleased for us to be working with SLS. They have a long history in imaging systems and therefore provide us with a proven track record in selling these types of products. We look forward to bringing the Vü systems to the UK market with SLS”.

View the product range here.