SLS takes great pride in being an authorized distributor partner of Merck for the essential Sigma-Aldrich, Millipore and Supelco portfolios.

Merck solves the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community - and through that, aims to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere. Merck is dedicated to making research and biotech production simpler, faster and safe and providing scientists and engineers with 'best-in-class' lab materials, technologies and services.

They understand that in research, diagnostics and production, access to lab materials and answers, is critical to progress and success.

That’s why we offer the Sigma-Aldrich® portfolio, a strong and always-expanding portfolio of lab and production materials as well as a comprehensive portfolio of Life Science products, from antibodies to electrophoresis and cell culture to molecular biology, for research and production. We also offer the Supelco® portfolio of analytical products, putting quality and compliance at the forefront of our work to ensure your results are reproducible and your systems fully certified. The Merck – Supelco® brand incorporates many of the product lines that have made Merck one of the key names in the Analytical laboratory sector, from Chromatography to Spectroscopy, solvents to reference standards as well as titration and almost any other analytical chemistry technique. The Merck – Supelco ® brand also includes many of the products previously known as Merck products. Our Merck range comprises over 400,000 Sigma-Aldrich and Supelco products with next day shipping on the majority of items.

To further consolidate the Merck SLS relationship, the brand-leading Millipore® filtration lines will now be available alongside the Merck brands of Sigma-Aldrich® and Supelco®.

The key filtration lines; Millex®, Amicon®, Immobilon® and Stericup®/Steritop® will be supported by the SLS commitment to customer service with delivery direct to end-users from UK warehousing, bringing further enhancements to researchers in the key application areas of Cell Culture, Chromatography/HPLC and Protein Purification.

With a focus on all aspects including protein, sterile filtration, and western blotting, Life Science researchers will benefit immensely from this expanded portfolio offering, which now includes Merck standards, Merck Chemicals, Merck specialty reagents, Merck Anhydrous Solvents, Merck Organic Reagents and more.