GE28-4009-89 Display Image
GE28-4009-89 Display Image

His MultiTrap High Performance, Cytiva, 28-4009-89, pack of 4 plates

Code: GE28-4009-89 D2-84

Analysis Note


His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP are prepacked 96-well...

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Analysis Note


His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP are prepacked 96-well filter plates for high-throughput screening of histidine-tagged* Proteins from clarified or unclarified lysates. Purification is performed by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC). The plates are prepacked with Ni Sepharose® 6 Fast FLow (His MultiTrap FF) or Ni Sepharose® High Performance (His MultiTrap HP). A protocol for His MultiTrap is available in His Buffer Kit. The kit is available with ready-made buffer solutions, for increased convenience and for fast buffer preparation.Loading unclarified samples directly to His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP simplifies and shortens the overall time for expression screening, which minimizes degradation and oxidation of sensitive target Proteins. His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP prepacked filter plates are manufactured with high reproducibility with regards to the well volume and the volume of medium to give consistent results.

Features and Benefits

• Prepacked multiwell filter plates for high reproducibility in expression screening and small-scale purification of histidine-tagged* Proteins.• Increased convenience and consistency with prepacked 96-well plates.• No filtration needed - load unclarified sample directly, increase reproducibility, and save time.• Use His MultiTrap 96-well filter plates with robotic systems or manually with centrifugation or vacuum.• Easy scale-up to HisTrap FF, HisPrep FF 16/10 or HisTrap HP prepacked columns. High chemical stability and high binding capacity up to 1 mg of histidine-tagged Protein per well.

General description

His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP are prepacked disposable 96-well plates for reproducible high throughput parallel purification of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins by Immobilized Metal ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC).

Legal Information

MultiTrap is a trademark of GE Healthcare

Sepharose is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

HisTrap is a trademark of GE Healthcare

HisPrep is a trademark of GE Healthcare

Storage and Stability

Store at 4 to 30 °C (20% Ethanol)

mfr. no.GE Healthcare, 28-4009-89
avg. part. size34 m
shelf lifePlease be aware this product may be shipped 90 days before the expiration date. For more information on the batch specific expiration date, please contact technical service.
cleaning2 - 14 (Ni2+-stripped medium.)
working range3 - 12 (Ni2+-stripped medium.)
size127.8 mm 85.5 mm 30.6 mm
packagingpack of 4 plates
capacity40 mg binding capacity (histidine-tagged protein/ml medium)(Protein binding capacity is protein-to-protein dependent.)
matrixhighly cross-linked 6% agarose
materialpolypropylene and polyethylene