PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2 Thermal Cycler used in research from the University of Nottingham

David worked closely with our Life Science specialist Katy Bridge who helped supply the PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2 Thermal Cycler which is featured in this paper.   

‘If you are looking for a dual block PCR machine which has thermal gradient capability then the PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2 Thermal Cycler is a perfect choice. We have used it successfully for general PCR but also to generate a new thermostability assay to detect ligand binding – ThermoFRET). Katy and the SLS team provided perfect product support right from the point of demo and the PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2 Thermal Cycler continues to be the workhorse of the Veprintsev lab’. David Sykes – University of Nottingham  

Congratulations to David and the team on this research, it is great to see the products we supply in action and enhancing the way in which our customers can work. 

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