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Code: CBL1348 D2-231

Analysis Note

ControlNIH3T3, A431


Research Sub CategoryIntegrins

Research CategoryCell Structure

Detect Integrin beta1 us...

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Analysis Note

ControlNIH3T3, A431


Research Sub CategoryIntegrins

Research CategoryCell Structure

Detect Integrin beta1 using this Anti-Integrin beta1 Antibody, clone HM beta 1.1 validated for use in IC.


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General description

Integrin beta 1is also known as CD29. It is a transmembrane glycoprotein that forms noncovalent complexes with various Integrin alpha subunits, forming the functional receptors that bind to specific extracellular matrix proteins. Integrin receptors are involved in the regulation of a variety of important biological functions such as hemostasis, embryonic development, wound repair, and prevention of programmed cell death. They are also implicated in abnormal pathological states such as tumor directed angiogenesis, tumor cell growth, and metastasis. These heterodimeric receptors bridge the cytoplasmic actin cytoskeleton with proteins present in the extracellular matrix and on adjacent cells. The clustering of integrins on a cell surface leads to the formation of focal contacts. Interactions between integrins and the extracellular matrix lead to activation of signal transduction pathways and regulation of gene expression. Clone HM beta 1.1 is reported to inhibit beta 1 integrin mediated adhesion.


Purified mouse VLA-4 antigen

Epitope: Full length

Other Notes

Concentration: Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the lot-specific concentration.

Physical form

Protein G Purified

Format: Purified

Purified in PBS with 0.05% NaN3.


Routinely evaluated by immunocytochemistry on mouse NIH3T3, A431 cells.


Other species have not been tested.

Storage and Stability

Maintain at 2-8°C in undiluted aliquots for up to 1 year after date of receipt.

Target description

130 kDa

antibody formpurified antibody
antibody product typeprimary antibodies
biological sourcehamster
cloneHM beta 1.1, monoclonal
Gene Informationhuman ... ITGB1(3688)mouse ... Itgb1(16412)
NCBI accession no.NP_002202.2
Quality Level100
shipped inwet ice
species reactivitymouse, human
technique(s)immunocytochemistry: suitable
UniProt accession no.P09055
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